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You can now Google +1 your profile — what it means

We’ve added Google +1 buttons to all profiles on our site, enabling you and others to ‘+1’ your page.  But what does that mean, exactly?


Google +1 competes with Twitter’s ‘Tweet’, Facebook’s ‘Like’ and LinkedIn’s ‘Share’ buttons — and you can find all four on your WeCanDo.Biz profile.  But what function do they perform?

In their most basic form, all these buttons make it easy to share the page on each respective platform.  Tweeting a page means Twitter’s code kicks in to push a link out to the page in a Tweet, or post, sent from the person who’s clicking the button.  Clicking a ‘Like’ buttons declares to your Facebook friends that you, er, like a page, appearing on your own wall as well as in tthe News Feeds of all your Facebook friends.  The LinkedIn ‘Share’ buttons does much the same, showing on your profile on that site and appearing in the Updates list of people you are connected to.  If anyone else clicks any of these, the page goes out to all their friends and contacts.  It is an important way of spreading the word, using the ‘viral’ element of social networking.

Google’s ‘+1’ button is the newest of these and performs two functions.

First off, you may have heard about Google Plus, the internet giant’s own social network.  Currently in beta (that means in test to you and me) it is being used by a fairly small number of people, there by invitation only, while Google perfects it.  This is the normal Google way and we’ve seen many Google products start life this way, including Google Mail.

Google Plus (also known simply as Google +) enables you to share content with contacts which you place into ‘Circles’ depending on how you know them.  So you can have a Work circle, one for Friends etc.  Anything you click ‘+1’ on across the web will be shared with your connections on Google Plus in a similar way to how it is on Facebook or LinkedIn.  This may only be a small number of people right now, but once Google Plus launches to the world, including all 250 million Google Mail users, it will immediately become the second largest social network behind Facebook.

But ‘+1’ also makes a different to your and your contacts search results, because Google is now starting to place more emphasis on pages that have been rated in some way by contacts you have across the Social Web.  The theory is that content liked by people you know is more likely to be relevant to you.

You may have seen that some search results already show that someone you’re connected with on Twitter has shared that page.  Now, people you know who have clicked ‘+1’ on a page will be mentioned where the page they’ve shared appears in search results.  It’s expected that, in time, Google will elevate up the rankings pages that receive a lot of ‘Plus Ones’.

Search is all about getting found, of course, so anything you can do to increase your profile is worthwhile.  Why not +1 your WeCando.Biz profile page right now?  Just click here and select the ‘Profile’ link in the Account menu on the left.

And let us know what you think of Google +1.  Do you +1 web pages you like?  Is making a difference to how you are getting traffic?  Just post a comment below.


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