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UPDATED: Listen to Chris Butler of WeCanDo.Biz on SCRM & The Customer Perspective at #SCRM11 — now with 50% off entry! #scrm

Continuing its innovative series of social media business events, Our Social Times is hosting an unique one-day conference in London on 6th May.

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UPDATE: Get 50% off ticket prices with the discount code ‘wecando50’ — click here to book. Limited offer! Only open to first five bookings with code…

WeCanDo.Biz COO and co-founder Chris Butler will be speaking at the event as part of a session entitled “SCRM & The Customer Perspective: Privacy, Ownership & Expectations”.

The day has a full programme of events and features CRM luminaries like Esteban Kolsky, Brent Leary, Mitch Lieberman and Mark Tamis.

Find out more and book tickets here.

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VIDEO: The risks and rewards of Social CRM from TFM&A with @MyCustomer #scrm #tfma

I was delighted to be asked by Neil Davey of to be a panelist in the keynote debate they put on at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising event a couple of weeks back.


Our three quarter hour session, entitled “The risks and rewards of Social CRM” is now available to view as an online video here.

You’ll hear Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) discussed by the following:

  • Neil Davey, Editor of (intro and host)
  • Laurence Buchanan, Head of CRM & Social CRM at Capgemini
  • Graham Hill, Associate and Strategic Advisor at DesignThinkers
  • Heather Taylor, former Social Media Manager at giffgaff
  • Ian Hendry, CEO and founder of WeCanDoBiz


We cover the Social Web and Customer Relationship Management as it relates to customer acquisition, customer service, self serving communities, sales lead generation and more.

Let me know what you think of the discussion by posting your comment below.

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Listen to Chris Butler of WeCanDo.Biz on SCRM & The Customer Perspective at #SCRM11 #scrm

Continuing its innovative series of social media business events, Our Social Times is hosting an unique one-day conference in London on 6th May.


WeCanDo.Biz COO and co-founder Chris Butler will be speaking at the event as part of a session entitled “SCRM & The Customer Perspective: Privacy, Ownership & Expectations”.

The day has a full programme of events and features CRM luminaries like Esteban Kolsky, Brent Leary, Mitch Lieberman and Mark Tamis.

Find out more and book tickets here.

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Discounts, offers and free stuff available to WeCanDo.Biz Pro members — save hundreds of pounds!

We’ve been hard at work on a new version of our online business network for sales leads and business referrals, which launches formally in the next few weeks. Here’s the latest of the new features we’ll be detailing (see them all here).


Being a WeCanDo.Biz member isn’t just about sales leads, business referrals and networking. It’s about about saving money for your business too.

Our new Member Benefits page brings offers exclusively to our Pro members, including:

  • Free business banking with Santander, plus discounts not available to retail customers
  • Promo packages to advertise on UK Business Forums, saving as much as £130!
  • Drivers Club with OSV, giving you 50% off car servicing and 30% off the cost of MoTs
  • Discounted business networking with BRX, NRG and Refer-On (up to £100 off)
  • Savings on business training with Made Simple Group, with full day courses for less than £50!
  • At least 5% discount on all business insurance with Apex
  • Discounted KashFlow accounting software (plus a free 60 day trial)

Prices and savings exclude VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

Want to know more?  Just check out the new Member Benefits page on the WeCanDo.Biz website.

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NRG Networks gets social with a Discussion powered by WeCanDo.Biz

The Social Web is the future of the web. Soon, every website will include social elements. Leading business networking group BRG Networks has got social with our help.


The Discussion page of the NRG website enables you to add 140 character long discussion posts, either starting a new topic or adding your say to the current discussion shown.  It encourages sharing, collaboration, discusson and debate.  Topics may run and run or only get touched upon briefly.  The most interesting topics will stay in the limelight while the less interesting ones fall by the wayside.

There are no rules as to what you post, but consider that NRG and WeCanDo.Biz are professional networking organisations and anthing you post will contribute towards your own reputation too (Google loves content like this!).  Otherwise, what you say is up to you.

View a contributor’s profile on WeCanDo.Biz to carry on the conversation one to one or for a list of other connection options (profiles give phone numbers plus links to their profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Ecademy and more).

Come and try it out!

After initial registration on our site — and many NRG members are already WeCanDo.Biz users, so have already registered — contributors can sign in with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other third party identities to contribute to the discussion.

Below the discussion area is a list of all members of the network, with a link to their business profile and methods of making direct, private contact and of adding them to your WeCanDo.Biz connections.  The members are listed by number of customer endorsments, those with the greatest number listed first, so if you want to promote your business above the rest just make sure you have the highest number of customers willing to say great things about you!

Anyone can follow the discussion on NRG by clicking the “Follow this discussion” link and they’ll get informed when there are new discussion posts.  You can also sign up to subscribe by RSS.

Try it out and let us know what you think!  You can post a discussion on the NRG website or just add a comment below.

If you run your own networking organisation or club, or a website aimed at small businesses, and want the same on your site, contact us at  We’ll be adding capabilities to set up your own customer networks to run on your own website in the coming weeks.

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SYSTEM NOTICE: WeCanDo.Biz Social CRM downtime tonight for system upgrade #wecandobiz

As part of our upgrade of WeCanDo.Biz to the version 2 website we’ll be undertaking a major upgrade of the Social CRM system tonight.


WeCanDo.Biz Social CRM will be unavailable between 7:00pm tonight and 8:00am tomorrow morning (BST) for a major upgrade.  The main WeCanDo.Biz website will be unaffected.

When you access CRM tomorrow morning you’ll see a different looking page, although the same functions will all be there via the menu down the left hand side (moved from along the top).

We are expecting a smooth transition overnight, but the integration of the CRM to the main website is complex so there may be issues.  Rest assured, we’ll be working hard to fix anything as soon as it is identified to keep downtime to a minimum.

If you find anything not working as you expect, or get stuck with any features of the new CRM, feel very welcome to give us a call on 0333 900 WCDB (9232).  I’d be happy to help.

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E-commerce, internet fraud, Nigerian 419 scams and our experience — a tale

We had a fraud attempt from Nigeria this morning. Here’s details of what happened and what to do if it happens to you.


Photo credit: ABN2 on Flickr

Once a month we’ll get someone register on our site from Nigeria (we’ve had it occur once from the Ivory Coast too, but they have other things on their mind right now!) who then uses our member messaging system to send out typical Nigerian 419 scam messages in order to try and dupe people.  For those that don’t know, these are the messages claiming to be from the cousin of the former Interior Minister of Burkina Faso (or whomever) with $10,000,000 to liberate if only you’d help them by giving them your account details.  Annoying, but fairly easy to spot and when we see such a thing happening we usually suspend their access to our site and delete all their messages before anyone has noticed.

Today was different.

Whenever we see a login from Nigeria alarm bells ring.  I wish I could say that just a few ruin the reputation of the west African nation for all the rest, but EVERY incident of a Nigerian IP address accessing our site has led to an attempt at scamming.  So when we saw a page view register from Lagos today we watched.

What we didn’t expect was that they would upgrade to a Pro membership before the scam messages started.  But they did — and that changes everything, because it goes from being inconvenient and something we can sort ourselves to unquestionably fraudulent and needing the bank and police to be informed.

The profile they added to our site to commit the fraud is still here to see — it has been suspended so they can’t access it, but retained until the police have collected all they need from us.


You’ll see they’ve used a non-existent address in Taunton to register a business on our site (that address may look legitimate, but the postcode is for The Crescent in Taunton and Onaldo Close seems not to exist), but the business they mention is actually located in Montana in the US (traced from the website address they gave).  The person’s name they use is real and that person is actually a partner of the business whose details they have used, but there is no link between the fraudsters and the business though.

We hold two email addresses for the frausters, both Yahoo email addresses, and both using the name of the individual detailed on their WeCanDo.Biz profile.  One of these email addresses we have authenticated to them as they were required to click a link in an email to verify their email address on registration.

The credit card they used was for a Chinese named individual registered to an address in Michigan in the US and was approved for payment by Streamline.  None of the address details or the name matched the details we held for Terry McDonald though.  In a subsequent telephone call to Streamline they advised us to refund the payment immediately, which we have done.

Normally we don’t bother retaining details of scammers to our site, because we delete their attempts before anyone knows about them, so there is no victim of crime — we do what we can to make sure of that.  This time, however, there IS a victim — us, as we have been paid for a service that will be charged back.  So the police have to get involved.

We were advised to contact Action Fraud UK, a government agency specifically to set up to combat e-commerce and email fraud.  The rise in Nigerian 419 scams, fraud through sites like eBay, Gumtree and Craig’s List, and fraudulent use of stolen or cloned credit cards through e-commerce sites necessaitated a better way of handling such issues than was previously in place.  Action Fraud is the body assigned to collect all evidence so that that information can be passed to the police.

Action Fraud website

Telephone 0300 123 2040

Action Fraud collecst all information, most of which you will have to hand from emails, website forms and transaction details from your payment gateway provider, and issue a crime number before passing on to the police. W have passed to them names of all people mentioned; contact details including telephone numbers and email addresses, for both fraudster, those they name and the credit card holder; and IP addresses from which our website was accessed during the fraud.

Next contact is likely to be from the investigating office — we now have to wait for that.

In the meantime, it’s unlikely this particular fraudster will be back as they won’t get access to our site, unless they re-register and we’ll be watching out for that.  Although these things aren’t as obvious to spot as you may think: the original access of our site to register a profile was from a Nigerian IP address, but subsequent logins showed up in our website traffic monitoring system as from the US at the time, although those clicks now show as Nigeria.  So it would seem the fraudster used a proxy or somehow managed to successfully “cloak” their IP address to look like the US rather than Nigeria, removing suspicion (we still saw patterns of suspicious activity though, such as frequent and repeated use of our website to message other users).

With regards to the credit cards transaction, this has been refunded and as Streamline updates overnight we are hoping it will all cancel out with them without us needing to incur fee to handle the transaction AND the chargeback.  We’ll wait and see and update this thread once we have confirmation of how Streamline handle this — they approved the transaction remember.

If you have any questions or comments about your own experience of internet fraud, feel very welcome to add them below.

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