How people sign in to WeCanDo.BIZ — the spread of Shared Signins across the Social Web #sso #social

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A year ago we published details of which third party web identities our members were using to sign in to WeCanDo.Biz.  Here’s an update.


It is almost a year to the day (it was 31 March 2010) that we first published details of how people were signing in to WeCanDo.Biz using third party identities, some seven months after we first added the feature.  Twitter ruled the roost with over half of sign ins using this access method back then.

How things have changed since!

The graph above shows some big differences in what people use to sign in to business focused sites like ours in particular.

Here’s a breakdown of what a difference a year makes (last year’s percentage in brackets):

Twitter 37.3% (down from 52.4%)
LinkedIn 34.6% (came under “other” last year!)
Facebook 17.7% (up from 16.7%)
Google 7.7% (down from 15.3%)
Windows Live 1.2% (down from 2.3%)
Yahoo 1.2% (down from 3.7%)
Other 0.4% (down from 8.6%, although included LinkedIn last year)

(Here is last year’s chart.)

Our conclusion?  Social networks are proving more popular as shared sign in methods, nudging email down.  But it would seem most users like to keep their online life compartmentalised — they sign in to our business networking site with identities they use for other sites they see as business focused in preference to using identities they see as more personal.

What do you think?  Just add a comment below.

If you want to try signing in with a shared, third party identity you can do so here.


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