LinkedIn and data portability – Part III

23/04/2009 at 8:56 am Leave a comment

The saga continues, although we am delighted to report has the whiff of being close to the end!

Another letter in from LinkedIn’s lawyers yesterday (the whole thing is being expedited by them now matching us in a move to using e-mail, rather than recorded delivery snail mail) thanking us for the additions we have made to our website which clarify we have no affiliation with LinkedIn and that use of the contact import tool may breach THEIR Terms of Use (but doesn’t stop you bringing your LinkedIn contacts over).

They mentioned also removal of the LinkedIn logo from our site, but we had already complied with this.

I am pleased that we’ve received thanks from them for complying with their requests, but we’re sticking to our belief that users of websites like LinkedIn, WeCanDo.BIZ, other social networks and webmail sites own their contact data and merely licence the websites to use it.  With that in mind, we consider it appropriate that users of our site can bring their contact data over form other sites, although LinkedIn still believes that mention on our site of this capability should be removed.

While LinkedIn offers the same facilitie son its own site, as their lawyer letter of yesterday states, “is very comfortable with how in conducts business”, we see no reason to remove the contact import tool or review our commitment to making contact data portable.

As far as what we do ourselves to support this belief, the WeCanDo.BIZ website has a contact export facility and we are currently working with CRM vendors to enable all WeCanDo.BIZ contacts to be taken over to CRM systems to be used how our members wish.

While on the subject, we’ll also soon be enhancing our Outlook contact importer tool; and also supporting registration on our site using Facebook identities, MySpace IDs, Microsoft Live identities and OpenID.  All should be in place by the end of May and we’ll post here when they’re ready.

Feel welcome to share your thoughts with us using the comment capability below.


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