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Contact import feature - LinkedIn

Contact import feature - LinkedIn

It amazes me how much time people in business spend trying to build their network up with new contact before they’ve made effective use of their existing contacts.

Think about it?  How many LinkedIn contacts do you have you do not do business with?  Or even have an understanding of what their biggest needs are so you can refer them on to others in your contacts?  How many e-mail address languish in your Outlook that you have no regular dialogue with, but which could be buying products or services like yours every day?

People collect contacts like eggs in a basket as Easter, but for each  one they collect amid much excitement, many more are falling out of the basket because they don’t make good use of the potential behind the contacts.

WeCanDo.BIZ ensures those contacts stay in meaningful dialogue with you.  Each time someone in your contact network posts an ugenr business need (a “Biz Need”), we let you know what it is.  It could be something you do, but they didn’t think to ask you — previously this business would have gone to someone else.  Even if you can’t help, you may know someone in your network who can — put them together for kudos from each party.  That kudos may be worth something in the future.

In addition, you’re also introducing your contacts to a system which brings them their own sales leads, which they’ll only thank you for!

Our site enables you to bring over exising, redundant contacts in LinkedIn, web mail systems and Outlook.  Why not give it a try and see which of the contacts you have you’d like to get engaged in regular dialogue with?

Edited to add: WeCanDo.BIZ Limited is not affiliated with LinkedIn Inc. or any other of the webmail provider companies, nor with their any of their affiliates, and any use of pass through services, email or contact list import facilities may be governed by your acceptance of their Terms of Use as a member.


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